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Ozone Connect Wing Harness with Spreader Bar V1
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Ozone WASP V1 Bladders with V2 High Flow Valves

Ozone WASP V2 Bladders

Ozone WASP V3 Bladders

Ozone WASP Waist Strap (Strap Only)
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Ozone waist leash for use with Ozone WASP or any other Wing Surfer Wing.
Ozone WASP Wrist Strap (Strap Only)
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Ozone WASP Wrist Strap (strap only, no leash line) Replacement Wrist Strap for use with the Ozone WASP, does not include the leash line.
Ozone WASP V2/V3 Leash Line
Replacement Ozone WASP V2/V3 Leash Line. Does not include waist or wrist strap. Includes swivel to prevent tangles. Sizes: 2.3m - 2.4m 3.0m - 4.3m 5.0m - 6.0m
Ozone WASP V2 Harness Line
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Harness line for WASP V2. Wing foiling harness line to help relieve stress on your arms, improve posture and upwind angles.  The Ozone harness line is adjustable using the knot system at the end of the rope to adapt to your reach.  
Ozone WASP V2 Leash Quick Release
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Replacement Ozone WASP V2 Leash Quick Release. Does not include waist strap, wrist strap, or leash line. Includes the Quick Release only.
Ozone WASP V2 Strut  Bladder Only