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Ozone V30 Backpack
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Ozone Snowkite Kompressor Bag
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The Ozone Snowkite Kompressor bag keeps your foils packed down for easy travel. Webbing straps cinch down the kites and keep them small for packing. The Ozone Kompressor bags are great for travel and general kite storage. Easy holds a couple foil kites.
Ozone 2022 Performance Foil Kompressor Bag V2
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The Ozone Performance Foil Kompressor Bag keeps the leading edge plastic profile battens concertinaed in the same way we pack the kites in our factory and the same way paragliders are packed. We highly recommend using it as this protects the kite and the leading edge battens from potential deformation. Made from light weight materials and designed with internal compression straps and a breathable mesh lining, the Ozone Performance Foil Kompressor Bag will keep the weight and packing size ...
Ozone Wet Bag and Changing Mat
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The Ozone Wet Bag doubles as a changing mat and is perfect for changing on the go. Changing on the mat helps keep sand off your wetsuit and also keeps your car dry and less sandy from all the weat gear. Circular design has no seams to leak and heavy duty pull cord cinches the edge of the mat to enclose your wet gear.
Ozone Kitesurf Board Bag 145cm
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Carries a whole quiver
Ozone Compression Strap
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