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From beginner to advanced, freestyle, surf, or whatever your riding style we've got a kite to match. Each year we test ride and share our experiences to help you make the best decision when purchasing a new kite. If you're not sure which kite fits your needs please contact us. We love helping and sharing our enthusiasm for kiteboarding.

Inflatable kites are the bread and butter of kiteboarding. The leading edge and struts inflate to give a solid kite canopy and responsive flight. We have a kite to fit any riding style: freeride, jumping, freestyle, surf, race, lightwind, etc. We're happy to help you find the perfect kite for your needs so please contact us if you have any questions or need any guidance.

Foil kites are the perfect choice for kiting and training on the land and snow with skateboards, landboards, mountain boards, buggies, skis, and snowboards. In the last year or two, special closed-cell foils have been designed for use on the water.


Custom Kites

Custom kites with your personal and custom design are available from Ozone. Let our team of design professionals help you get your logo, design or simply a custom color kite in your hands.

Control Systems

Kiteboarding control bars are an essential piece of equipment used to fly inflatable and foil kites. We caryy every model of Ozone Control bars for use on many different kites.


Ozone Connect Back Country and Connect Pro snow kite harnesses available here. Perfect for snow kiteboarding, snow skiing or even great on the water for Foil boarding.


T-shirts, hats, and wet tech shirts to rep your love of Ozone.


Genuine Ozone bags can be found here. Including the Performance Foil Kompressor bag, the wet bag and changing mat, and the Ozone kitesurf board bag.

Boards and Accessories

Ozone Boards and Board Parts


Ozone complete leading edge and strut bladders for any kite including the Edge, Reo, C4, Catalyst, and Enduro.


Ozone repair parts and pieces are availble here forrepairing any part of your Ozone kite, Bar or depower system. Get all the genuine Ozone parts for Megatron, V4 Bars, kite bridles, chicken loops, trimmer brackets, depower lines, valves, stopperballs, and much more.

Demo Gear

Gear that has been lightly used at Demo Days are available in this section. Demo gear can include kites, bars, and boards.


All closeout and previous model kites can be found here. Save by buying last years model kite.


All your Genuine Ozone accessories are here. Pumps, long leash, short leash, compression straps, and wind socks.