• Ozone Chrono V5

Ozone Chrono V5

Ozone Chrono V5




Ozone Chrono V5 - Allround Performance Foil Kite

Designed for all-round twin-tip and hydrofoil riders looking to push their limits and maximise the available conditions, whether through achieving max speeds or max hang times!

At a glance:

  • Universal high performance foil kite
  • Newly refined sail shaping for better acceleration and smoother handling
  • All-round, twin-tip and hydrofoil settings
  • New smaller sizes with exciting strong wind performance
  • For experienced riders or those with previous foil experience

Continued Evolution:

  • The Chrono V5 isn't as much of a re-worked design as the V4 model was, but instead is a continued evolution of refined handling. Performance-wise it still sits between the Hyperlink and R1 models in the range. Design focus for the V5 was centred upon refined sail shaping that has resulted in rounder loops with better acceleration, generally smoother handling and later stalling. New 9 & 7 metre sizes are capable of immense boost and glide, delivering very exciting performance possibilities in stronger winds. There?s also a new valve design, allowing for faster inflation and better seal. While it's only slightly more demanding than the Hyperlink to fly, the Chrono V5's performance spectrum edges closer to the remarkable R1 race machine, unlocking your potential for progression.


  • The Chrono V5 proudly carries forward the rich legacy of its predecessors. Meticulously crafted using cutting-edge design technology, this kite offers both accessible and exceptional performance. Although the new nine and seven metre sizes are designed to perform in stronger winds, the Chrono V5 is still focused on providing epic sessions for both hydrofoil and twin-tip riders who want to push their performance levels in light to mid-range winds.


  • Introduced on the Chrono V4, our innovative leading edge Transverse Sail Shaping design optimises the vital aerofoil section, resulting in a smoother surface and sweeter aerodynamic performance.


  • The Chrono V5 is still based on the same planform carried forward from the V4, with a high cell count and relatively few (and shorter) bridle lines. Not only does this reduce drag, it also makes for an easier and simplified set-up compared to other performance-based designs on the market. Beautifully light weight and with unparalleled stability, the Chrono V5's immediate response to bar input also makes it easy to find power from even the faintest gusts, helping you to thrive in conditions where available power would otherwise be minimal. While the newly enhanced, lighter bar sensation means fatigue is no longer a concern, fluid and dynamic movement produces constant power delivery throughout turns for a very connected flying experience.


  • Integrating lightweight, airtight and robust double rip-stop fabric on its upper and lower surfaces, the Chrono V5's water-repellent coating enhances flight characteristics and facilitates water relaunch. At Ozone durability meets lightness, as always. Refined leading edge air intakes ensure efficient inflation, an improved seal and optimised positioning for consistent internal air pressure. These enhancements also assist both land and water relaunch capabilities, ensuring seamless recovery.


  • Super smooth handling
  • Later stalling = steering response across more of the wind window
  • Incredible upwind performance, even in very light winds
  • Enormous sheeting power on tap
  • Clean, forward drive at pace, perfect for hydrofoiling
  • Unbelievable hangtime and floaty jumps
  • Rounder loops with better acceleration


  • High cell count maintains shape and reduces turbulent airflow
  • Transverse sail shaping ensures clean airfoil section
  • Excellent lift-to-drag ratio throughout
  • High performance ultra-light materials
  • High-aspect-ratio design with internal support straps for an even feel
  • Leading edge profile reinforcements maintain flow and prevent deformation
  • Finely tuned setting options for different riding styles

BRAKE LINE SETTINGS -Three settings allow you to fine tune kite feedback and bar pressure to your liking. It is quick and easy to change with no extra lines to add or remove.

  1. HYDROFOIL: Decreases bar pressure with a longer lifting period perfect for foiling manoeuvres. The hydrofoil setting is the upper knot on the PB1 line.
  2. ALL-ROUND: The ideal balance in performance and feeling for most riders and conditions. The All-Round setting is the middle knot on the PB1 line (factory setting).
  3. TWIN-TIP: Increases bar pressure and offers a sharper, more direct feeling, perfect for twin-tip riding. If you prefer a heavier and direct feel this could be the setting for you. The twin-tip setting is the lower knot on the PB1 line.

Technical and Manufacturing Features:

  • Transverse Sail Shaping - The Leading Edge now features Transverse Sail Shaping creating a cleaner surface on the most important area of the aerofoil. The result is less turbulent airflow and longer skin adhesion, which positively effects the lift to drag ratio increasing overall performance.
  • High Cell Count - A high number of cells controls ballooning between the ribs, holding the wing shape and designed surfaces smoother and more accurately. This reduces turbulent airflow, providing more efficiency, speed and de-power for increased overall performance.
  • Optimized Leading Edge Air Intakes - The Leading Edge air intakes have been refined for faster progressive inflation, improved seal and optimised positioning to maintain internal air pressure. This enhances land and water re-launch capabilities.
  • L.E Profile Reinforcements - The Leading Edge is reinforced with flexible lightweight plastic battens to maintain the shape of the profile during angle of attack changes and turbulent airflow. This drastically improves overall performance as the foil remains true to the designed shape.
  • Internal Diagonals and Straps - Internal span-wise straps work in unison with optimized diagonal ribs, distributing load from the bridles evenly and effectively. This increases the internal structural balance, while allowing the top and bottom surfaces to maintain the designed profile without being distorted from indirect tension or loads.
  • Sheathed Bridle Lines - High quality, low stretch sheathed Dyneema bridle lines for maximum strength and performance. This is the same bridle line we have used on our Snowkite range for the past 10 years.
  • Double pulley Speed System - Using high spec low friction Ronstan Orbit pulleys to reduce wear and rider fatigue while improve feeling and performance of the kite.
  • Water Drainage Channels & Valves - An internal channel is shaped into the end of each cell along the trailing edge. This allows loose sand or water to run between the cells and out of the tips during flight. Drainage valves at both wing tips seal to keep air in, and open up when water needs to drain out. The Velcro sealed tips can be opened for cleaning the kite. Always clean your kite by emptying any water, sand or dirt as this will prolong the life of the kite and help it fly as designed.
  • Waterproof deflation zipper - Intelligently positioned for easy deflation and pack down.
  • Tuned Bridle Geometry - We work extensively during our R&D process to develop the size range to feel in tune with each other. Every kite has a unique bridle layout, individually tested and fine-tuned to maximize the feeling and performance.
  • Fool proof line connectors - Fool proof line connectors prevent incorrect rigging of the flying lines to the kite.