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Ozone Kitesurf Lines (2 x 500kg & 2 x 300kg)
Ozone kitesurf line sets are made to be used with all Ozone Contact Water and Race bars on the Catalyst, Enduro, Reo, Zephyr, Edge, C4, Chrono, R1, Hyperlink, and all older Ozone 4-line kite models.
Ozone Line Extensions (2 x 500kg & 2x 300kg)

Ozone Pro Race Lines (2 x 300kg & 2 x 200kg)
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Turbo charge your kite racing or light wind setup with high performance Ozone Pro Race lines. These lines have been developed to work in unison with the Contact Race and Contact Foil Race Control System. Race Lines can also be fitted to the standard Contact Water and Contact Foil Control Systems.
Ozone Hyperlink V1 5th Line Re-Ride Conversion Kit
The Ozone Hyperlink 5-Line Re-Ride Release System Conversion Kit is recommended for using the kite on snow or land. The Re-Ride Release System de-powers the kite instantly without tangling, and falls to the ground to re-launch when ready. The Ozone Hyperlink must be set to open cell mode when using 5-line mode. The 5-line kits are specific for each size of kite.
2015-2018 Ozone Snow Kite Lines 5 x 25m
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2006-2014 Ozone Snow Kite Y-Lines 5 x 25m
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Ozone Snow Kite Y-Lines are made to be used with all Ozone snow (foil) kites and the Ozone Contact Snow Control Bar from 2006 to 2014. The Y-Line set comes with distinct red and blue outside lines, an inside grey y-line with one attachment point on the bar end and two attachment points on the kite end, and the 5th flagout safety line (for 2012-2014 models).
Ozone Ignition Lines 3 x 18m (180kg)
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