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Ozone R1 V4
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The R1 V4 has been derived from the extremely successful R1 V2 and V3, both of which set the benchmark in kite racing competitions. The V4 design takes it to the next level, delivering supercharged performance while maintaining the R1s well known ease of use and accessibility. Developed closely with our top team riders, multiple World Champion Nico Parlier and 2019 World Champion Axel Mazella we have pulled out all the stops.
Ozone Hyperlink V3
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Ozone Hyperlink V3 - Multipurpose Foil Kite The Hyperlink is a true multipurpose foil kite, bridging the gap between inflatables and foils - dynamic and engaging to ride with high performance characteristics. The third version brings a new feeling of performance and covers almost every aspect of Kiting. Free ride, hydrofoil, boost and float, air style or unhooked, backcountry snow missions, you name it and it delivers! We have completely re-designed the third version incorporating new...
Ozone Chrono V4 - 30% Off
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Ozone Chrono V4 - Universal High Performance Foil Kite The Chrono legacy lives on! The all-new V4 has been completely redesigned with emphasis on accessible performance using the latest design technology and understanding from our highest performance race kite, the R1 V4. Performance wise the Chrono V4 sits between the Hyperlink and R1 models. Many technical details were transferred across from the R1 V4 to the Chrono V4 providing a similar feeling while being less demanding to fly....
Ozone Chrono V5
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Ozone Chrono V5 - Allround Performance Foil Kite Designed for all-round twin-tip and hydrofoil riders looking to push their limits and maximise the available conditions, whether through achieving max speeds or max hang times! At a glance: Universal high performance foil kite Newly refined sail shaping for better acceleration and smoother handling All-round, twin-tip and hydrofoil settings New smaller sizes with exciting strong wind performance For expe...
Ozone Chrono V3 EXP
The Chrono V3 EXP has been developed for Expert and Expedition Snowkiters as the ultimate high-level open cell foil kite. It is the same design as the Chrono V3 Ultralight with a partially open cell leading edge and features our revolutionary Internal Re-ride Release System. The ability to safely self-land a kite in extreme conditions on the snow is a crucial feature when adventuring remote areas, high mountains or long distance expeditions/races. With feedback from our adventure Sn...
Ozone Custom Foil Kite
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