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Ozone WASP V2 - 40% Off
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WASP v2 Wing Assisted Surf/Snow/Skate Propulsion• Hand held Wing for water, land or snow sports Lightweight inflatable design Simple to set up and use Stable with efficient power WASP V2…the fresh and exciting way of being driven by the elements, it’s a whole load of fun across a wide range of disciplines! Perfect for anything that rolls, slides, planes or glides. Following on from the very successful WASP V1, the second-generation design ha...
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Ozone WASP V3
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The WASP V3 is an amazing all-round performance wing excelling in any condition and all disciplines. It is lightweight, simple to set up and easy to use with improvements to the power handles, de-power surf handle, windows, waist leash strap, canopy material and an updated size range. From freeride cruising, wave riding, boosting air tricks, down winding or just starting out, the WASP V3 is ready to shred! Our innovative Leading Edge and Strut design provides a stable airframe with minim...
Ozone Alpha V2
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Ozone Alpha V2 Performance single strut design - Freeride, hydro-foil and travel specialist Designed Light - A Winner in Any Quiver The Alpha is our performance single strut inflatable kite. It’s simple, incredibly lightweight and very effective – it is a winner for any quiver. The second version offers amazing free ride and hydro-foiling performance for  intermediate to advanced riders while the lightweight single strut design is perfect for travelers looking to sav...
Ozone Enduro V3 - 30% Off
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Ozone Enduro V4
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Enduro V4 The Enduro V4 has undergone a complete re-design using our latest construction technology and design software features. Keeping true to its purpose as an incredibly versatile performance kite the fourth version of this all time favourite takes performance and feeling to the next level. Having been long recognized as one of the best all-round kites on the market for any style and any conditions, it was an exciting challenge for our design team to take on a re-design of the End...
Ozone Catalyst V3 Freeride Kite - 30% Off
Ozone Catalyst V4 Freeride Kite
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Ozone Catalyst V4    The Catalyst V4 is ultra stable and intuitive to launch, land and fly.   The Catalyst is the kite for anyone getting into the sport or riders looking for a fun, confidence inspiring kite with ease of use and accessibility at its heart. The Catalyst V4 is ultra stable and intuitive to launch, land and fly. The lightweight one strut design combined with an open arc shape delivers smooth power with amazing light wind capabilities getting you up...
Ozone Reo V7 Surf / Wave Kite
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Wave Riding FreedomORIGINAL REO DNA WITH IMPROVED RANGE AND BETTER FEEL The Reo V7 features an evolved combination of design features that will help your wave riding improve. Maintaining its low aspect three-strut platform, the V7 offers super fast turning response with rapid but silky smooth movement through the window and a handling sweet spot that's now even wider in its wind range. The cleaner and tighter aerofoil has also improved the low end, which is now markedly better i...
Ozone Reo V6 - 30% Off
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Wave Riding Freedom
Ozone Reo V7 Ultra X
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Reo V7 Ultra X - The Sharpest Tool in the Box For radical shredding in serious situations. Ultra-light, ultra-quick, ultra-responsive and ultra-reliable. Experience the closest to pure surfing freedom you could imagine while riding with a kite. We've taken things a step further and implemented different materials into the same V7 framework. All materials used in the Ultra-X have been chosen because they're stiffer and often stronger for the intended use. However, like a carbon fib...
Ozone Edge V11 - 20% Off
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Ozone Edge V12
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Ozone Edge V12 - The Original Charger The Edge V12 stays true to its original remit of delivering adrenaline-fuelled sessions for riders that crave real power, speed and insane lift; the electrifying reasons that so many get bitten by the kiteboarding bug in the first place! Experience a world of power at your fingertips. Since inception in 2007 the Edge has been purpose built to provide the ultimate freeride experience, capable of heartstopping riding speeds and gravity defying big air per...
Ozone Zephyr V7 17m
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Ozone Zephyr V7 The Zephyr, the market leading light wind kite because it has efficient performance and dynamic handling across a wide wind range. Key Features: Incredible Wind Range Light wind specific Huge wind range, 6-20 knots Tight radius turn for great pop and fun Easy to fly and re-launch even in light winds It’s incredible wind range allows you to continue riding when the wind increases, this unique attribute sets it apart from co...
Ozone Uno V2 Trainer Kite
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Inflatable, Depowerable Trainer
Ozone Custom Water Kite
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Ozone Kite Pump with PSI meter
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Dual action kite pump from Ozone with integrated PSI meter in the handle. Pump your kite to perfection. Comes with hose adapters for the Ozone Boston inflate/deflate and standard 9mm valves.
PKS Kite Pump with PSI meter - Large
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The PKS Pro Flow V3 kite pump is the next ingredient for your successful kite session. Our tweaked version of the newest and best pump on the market is constructed with high-quality components and measures 20" from top to bottom, taller than the older 15" and 18" pumps, for up to 2.3 liters of air per pump. Internal friction has been virtually eliminated so this pump ensures effortless inflation time after time.With high-grade shaft and piston seals, the v3 PKS Pro Flow Pump wi...