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Ozone WASP V2
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WASP v2 Wing Assisted Surf/Snow/Skate Propulsion• Hand held Wing for water, land or snow sports Lightweight inflatable design Simple to set up and use Stable with efficient power WASP V2…the fresh and exciting way of being driven by the elements, it’s a whole load of fun across a wide range of disciplines! Perfect for anything that rolls, slides, planes or glides. Following on from the very successful WASP V1, the second-generation design ha...
Ozone Alpha V2
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Ozone Alpha V2 Performance single strut design - Freeride, hydro-foil and travel specialist Designed Light - A Winner in Any Quiver The Alpha is our performance single strut inflatable kite. It’s simple, incredibly lightweight and very effective – it is a winner for any quiver. The second version offers amazing free ride and hydro-foiling performance for  intermediate to advanced riders while the lightweight single strut design is perfect for travelers looking to sav...
Ozone Enduro V3
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Ozone Catalyst V3 Freeride Kite
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Ozone Reo V5
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Wave Riding Freedom
Ozone Reo V6
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Wave Riding Freedom
Ozone Edge V10
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The Edge is a true specialty, it delivers a mind-bending free ride and big air experience while at the same time has all the speed, power and performance required to win World and Olympic titles on the racecourse. The Edge, as the name suggests, has long proven itself at the forefront of the inflatable kite performance sector. If you want to ride fast, send it for massive air and hang time to reach altitudes reserved only for the gods the Edge is for you. Even though it can be seen wi...
Ozone Zephyr V6 17m
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Next Level Ligh ZEPHYR V6 The Zephyr is a renowned dynamic light wind model, without doubt it was the first light wind specific kite on the market to deliver efficient performance and handling. With an incredible wind range the Zephyr gives you the possibility to continue riding when the wind increases, this unique attribute sets it apart from competitors. The sixth version of the Zephyr brings modifications to the profiles, increasing the canopy stability for a smoother...
Ozone Amp V1
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New School and Freeride
Ozone Uno V2 Trainer Kite
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Inflatable, Depowerable Trainer
Ozone Custom Water Kite
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Ozone Kite Pump with PSI meter
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Dual action kite pump from Ozone with integrated PSI meter in the handle. Pump your kite to perfection. Comes with hose adapters for the Ozone Boston inflate/deflate and standard 9mm valves.