• Ozone Subzero V2

Ozone  Subzero V2

Ozone Subzero V2



Subzero V2 - Dedicated Snowkite Performance
The Subzero V2 is the ultimate performance Snowkite for a wide variety of riders. Whether your passion is Freeride or Backcountry missions the Subzero has you covered!

• Exceptional Ozone Factory construction
• Designed with OZ-CAD
• Internal Re-Ride Release System
• High Performance Ultra Light materials
• Double Pulley Speed System
• L.E Opening Battens
• Internal Diagonals and Straps
• Sheathed Bridle Lines
• Dirt-out Wing Tips
• Tuned Bridle Geometry
• Fool Proof Line Connectors
• Snow Kite Technical Mountain Bag (optional)
• Snow Kite Compressor Bag (optional)