• Emmet Sproul

    Ozone team rider

Emmet Sproul

Santa Barbara, CA

My name is Emmet Sproul and I've been a kitesurfer since I was 9. I learned to kite with my mom in the Dominican Republic and South Padre Island in 2011. Ever since then my family has focused all of our traveling on kitesurfing. I spend a lot of time riding strapless on Maui, but got my roots in snowkiting in Colorado.
My mission is to help more kids and families kitesurf together. It's a great way to spend time together as a family doing something that is fun for everyone. We focus on finding spots that are fun for all of us, because my dad and I enjoy kiting in the waves while my mom enjoys flatter water.
My favorite setup is my Enduro 7m in very windy conditions with my strapless surfboard. I also thrive in lighter wind with fresh snow and my telemark skis.
I think more people should know that kitesurfing is a great sport to learn and do together as a family. You don't have to be rad or extreme to have fun. Being out on the water is what makes it incredible, especially with your family riding with you. Once you learn, you can do it together on snow and water, everywhere.
I encourage all the kids and families who are intrigued by the sport to GO FOR IT!