• Cynthia Brown

    Ozone team rider

Cynthia "Cynbad" Brown

La Ventana, Mexico

Years Kiteboarding: I have been kiting since the very beginning. When kites had 2 lines, no chicken loops, no quick releases, and it truly was an extreme sport.

Years with Ozone: I was fortunate enough to discover Ozone in 2005, the year they started producing inflatable/water kites, and have flown them ever since.

Favorite Discipline: Anything with a kite and water is my passion. Surf, freestyle, big air, racing. Currently I am most fascinated by strapless, freestyle. It is a technical, expression of physics to be able to sky massive airs without anything connecting the board to my body.

Kite Quiver: All of the Ozone wings are AMAZING, and it is a tough choice which one to pump up on any given day. For big air and racing I have 7m, 9m, 11m Edges, for freestyle 5m, 7m, 9m, 11m, 13m C4's, and my newest favorite for strapless surf freestyle 6m, 8m Reo.

Achievements: I do a few events a year, and have have been on the podium in all. Recently I have won the Kiteboard for Cancer Endurance Race, the La Ventana Classic, the Mexican Nationals, and the Lord of the Winds Showdown.