• Ozone Edge V10 - 20% Off

Ozone Edge V10 - 20% Off

Ozone Edge V10 - 20% Off



The Edge is a true specialty, it delivers a mind-bending free ride and big air experience while at the same time has all the speed, power and performance required to win World and Olympic titles on the racecourse. The Edge, as the name suggests, has long proven itself at the forefront of the inflatable kite performance sector.

If you want to ride fast, send it for massive air and hang time to reach altitudes reserved only for the gods the Edge is for you. Even though it can be seen winning podiums and floats riders high above the water, don’t be afraid, this is a user-friendly powerhouse that anyone can handle. Easy to access  performance comes naturally through this super-charged free ride kite, it is an explosive high  adrenaline machine that will leave you in withdrawal after every session.

It drives faster through turns making it easier to send it big and maximise satisfaction from your freeride sessions.

Now reaching its 10th version milestone, the Edge is as popular as ever and has been meticulously revised to take you beyond. The Edge V10 is incredibly smooth in the air thanks to refined profile
sections and a new wing tip shape. The canopy has increased support and maintains form even in gusty conditions. The handling reaction time has been improved, it drives faster through turns making it easier to send it big and maximise satisfaction from your free ride sessions. The bar feeling is  smoother and more progressive on the back lines as the kite transitions through angle of attack range, helping during take off to perfectly time your jumps.

On the SNOW! Yes that’s right, the Edge V10 is possibly the best inflatable kite in existence for taking advantage of the cold white stuff. It’s got speed, power, and the best attribute is how easily you
can get air - all you have to do is gain speed, edge hard and send it!


EdgeV10 Features:

  • Exceptional Ozone Factory construction:

World-class construction in our own factory, using the highest quality materials and hand
checked Quality Control at every step. The Ozone factory also manufactures our Paragliding
and Speed Wing range; the same Quality Control processes are used across all products.

  • Designed with OZ-CAD:

The FUTURE is NOW - All Ozone kites and wings are designed and developed using our
own highly advanced custom built CAD software. Our designers are able to work with
features specifically tailored to the unique forms and structures of technical inflatable and
foil kites and wings. Part of our design team is dedicated to the upgrade of the CAD code
and addition of new modules

  • Teijin TechnoForce D2 & Teijin Dacron:

Teijin is the world’s leading supplier of polyester fabrics and sail materials for marine sports.
We use the remarkably durable Teijin D2 canopy material in all our water kites. Teijin D2 is
the benchmark in quality with proven superiority in durability and dynamics.
We use the incredibly strong and reliable Teijin Dacron in all our water kites. Dacron is used
on parts requiring rigidity and stability – the Leading Edge, Struts, Wingtips, and all loaded
areas with extra reinforcement for enhanced load distribution and durability.

  • 4 - line Pulleyless System:

NO pulleys, NO problems. We design all our inflatable kites without pulleys, to inherit the
unique Ozone feeling and performance across our range.

  • Internal reinforcements:

What’s on the inside counts too – internal reinforcements for improved strength and
durability; such as a Double layered Dacron + Insignia taped Leading Edge closing seam
with high strength threads.

  • Double Stitched Folded Seams:

Sail canopy seams are stitched, folded, and then stitched again for a clean and strong
connection of the panels.

  • Load Distribution Panels:

Dacron reinforcements are used on all loaded areas for enhanced load distribution. This
means all loads are spread evenly into the sail ensuring the kite flies and performs at its best.

  • Direct Connect Struts:

Our Direct Connect construction method improves load distribution between the Leading
Edge, Struts and Canopy. The Struts are connected directly to the Leading Edge with internal
reinforcements and external webbing. This unique construction method ensures clean
profiles are maintained with the optimum canopy tension.

  • Reinforced Leading Edge and Struts:

The Leading Edge and Struts are reinforced in high stress areas to ensure the kite canopy
remains in shape and performs at its best.

  • Reinforced Trailing Edge:

Double layer Teijin D2 Trailing Edge strip with an internal light weight Dyneema
reinforcement – this reduces canopy wear and helps to maintain optimum Trailing Edge
tension as designed. The Dyneema line also reduces any potential stretch at the
Trailing Edge.

  • Low Profile Aerodynamic Scuff Pads:

Leading Edge bumpers are often large and unnecessary cosmetic items. At Ozone we build
our kites and wings for performance and durability using the best materials & components
available. Any areas requiring scuff protection we use a lightweight durable material with
superior abrasion resistance, while keeping a low profile in order to reduce drag and
maintain performance.

  • Unique bladder construction:

Our bladders are constructed in-house with advanced custom built welding machines.
Double layered sections are applied to any potential wear areas.

  • Anti-Snag Line Deflectors:

The Anti-Snag line deflectors prevent bridles and lines from tangling around the wing tip.
Safety is increased when launching with a partner and water re-launch is made easier.

  • Tuned Bridle Geometry::

We work extensively during our R&D process to develop the size range to feel in tune
with each other. Every kite has a unique bridle layout, individually tested and fine-tuned to
maximize the feeling and performance.

  • One-Pump Inflation System:

The One Pump inflation system enables quick and easy setup with single point inflation
of the kite. All Struts are connected to the Leading Edge via inflation points – air will flow
through the hose to inflate the entire kite. Clips seal the hose connecting the Struts and
Leading Edge to prevent unwanted airflow in case of damage.

  • High volume inflate/deflate valve:

A high volume valve makes inflation and deflation quick and easy. Pumping is a breeze
thanks to the high airflow rate, while the internal seal engages to stop any air coming out
under pressure. Unscrew the bottom of the valve to deflate and pack with ease.

  • Anti-Flap Soft Battens:

Soft Battens strategically positioned along the Trailing Edge provide canopy support and
reduce flutter, enhancing kite feedback to the rider and also reducing canopy material wear.

  • Back-line trimming options:

Customise your handling and bar pressure with the back line bridle attachments. Closer to
the Leading Edge for slower turn speed and more bar pressure, or closer to the Trailing Edge
for faster turn speed and less bar pressure.

  • Fool proofline connectors:

Fool proof, colour coded and numbered line connectors prevent incorrect rigging of the
flying lines to the kite.

  • Low drag Kevlar bridles:

The NEED for SPEED – High performance thin Kevlar bridle lines offer a vast reduction
in parasitic drag – the Edge flies fast and accelerates quick enhancing performance and
increasing range.

  • Water Kite Technical Bag:

Technical Bag with loads of space featuring an internal stash pocket, external control system
pocket, board straps and pump holder. Adjustable shoulder straps and foam padding
provide extra comfort.


Package Contents
Kite Only
Large technical bag
Repair pack
Stickers, keyring
All items from Kite Only package
Bar and lines