• Jeff Greene

    Ozone team rider

Jeff Greene

St Augustine, Florida

Home Spot: Matanzas Inlet, Florida

Favorite Spots: Matanzas Inlet, Waddell Bluff, St. Augustine Beach, Hood River

Kiting Since: 2001

Gear: Chrono 18m, Edge 17, Catalyst 14, Edge 11m, Catalyst 10m, Edge 9m, Edge 7m, Reo 5m, Spleene Monster Door and Rip 39, various surfboards, and a Lift Carbon Foil.

Favorite conditions: 5 mph to 40 mph - in the surf or on a landboard

Upcoming Events: 11th Annual Kite Derby in Hood River.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/matanzas_waterman/