• 2014+ Ozone Megatron II Chickenloop

2014+ Ozone Megatron II Chickenloop
2014+ Ozone Megatron II Chickenloop
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Replacement Ozone Megatron II Chickenloop assembly. This part includes the push-away release system, chickenloop base, lock tube, and PU-covered Amsteel depower line. The chickenloop works as a replacement for 2014 and newer Contact Water, Snow, and Race bars and can also be retro-fitted to older model bars.

  • Wear resistant PU trim line
  • Below bar safety system allows the bar to spin without twisting up your leash
  • Legendary Megatron quick release chicken loop
  • A wide mouth chicken loop for effortless unhooking and hooking back in
  • Easily untangle your middle lines using the spinning handle
  • A foolproof simple intuitive release and reload safety system
  • A positive connection between the chickenloop and bar enables you to hook back in without taking your hands off the bar
  • Expert riders leash connection ring
  • Swiveling Chicken Loop Lock Tube – Easy to move out of the way when riding unhooked
  • The system exceeds all Kitesurf/Snowkiting loading and release EU NORM safety standards